Pelvic Pain

Many women suffer with pelvic pain. This is usually during the menstrual period, but how much pain is normal?

If you have painful periods which limit you doing your normal work or pelvic pain during intercourse, you may have a condition called endometriosis.

In the first instance, women should consult their GP about their symptoms. The GP may start hormonal treatments, such as the oral contraceptive pill to control these pains.

However, if the pains continue or worsen you may need referral to a Gynaecologist. The Gynaecologist will take a thorough history and perform an examination as is necessary to elucidate the problem.

The most effective treatment for endometriosis is early diagnosis and surgical treatment. The medical evidence shows that, if endometriosis is properly excised, most women are cured of the disease. Only four percent of women who are treated by surgical means will have a recurrence of their symptoms.

In a minority of women the pain may return even though the endometriosis has not and these women are diagnosed with chronic pelvic pain. For this group of women, help is at hand through a multidisciplinary approach, with the use of a Gynaecologist, a Pain Specialist, Physiotherapist, Dieticians and many other health professionals.

If you think you fall into one of these categories, please do not hesitate to talk to your GP or even see a Gynaecologist.